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This site originates going back to about 2008 when I was heavily involved in the Wii hacking scene. While both in high-school at the time, and doing everything completely self taught (with the help of the internet), I created a web community for the people that wanted to create and share assembly and RAM hacks made for the Nintendo Wii. Another community that I was an admin of, was the WiiRD forums, which was important to the scene at the time, having a very sizable community, but is now dead due to the introduction of newer consoles resulting in the death of the Wii hacking scene. I don't like to get rid of anything, so I have kept my forums up as sort of an archive. Please keep in mind that some this is basically my project from throughout high school, and does not reflect my current ability.
If you would like to access these forums about hacking for the Nintendo Wii, then select " forums" from the project selector. This type of hacking is also what my YouTube channel is focused on. I do plan on returning to this type of hacking as a hobby, since I had a lot of fun doing this as a kid.

Throughout the first half of my education at Lafayette College, I was pursuing dual degree, for both a BS in Computer Science, and a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I began doing research in 2012 in the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Lab at Lafayette, where I was the Senior Electrical Engineer, in our research team for 2 years. Our work has been published in this paper. The lab, which is a collaboration between the Neuroscience and ECE Departments at Lafayette, looks into the use of EEG signals from the brain for use in computerized systems.
However, this past semester I suffered from a corneal ulcer in my left eye, which required daily medical attention, and thus required a medical leave of absence.
In order to graduate with both degrees, I would need to stay over an extra year, for when the classes could next be offered. Because of how scheduling works at smaller schools, I have been forced to only pursue my Computer Science degree. I have chosen to do this simply because CS is my true passion. However, I still have a great knowledge in Signal Processing, Systems, and other areas of engineering, which I also find enjoyable.

This past summer I was down in Virginia for an internship at NASA's Goddard Flight Center, at the Wallops Flight Facility. I developed software to assist in safety critical procedures during balloon launches, and software used in rocket launches in the control center. As of right now, only 1 of these programs is being used in current missions. The other program will be used in live missions after it goes through it's review process and it is being maintained.

Most recently, I have entered a submission into the Riot Games API Challenge. Which is an open source web application, made using Django/Python/HTML5/JavaScript, called League Setify. You can check this out by selecting League Setify from the project selector in the top right. If you'd like to see a sample of code for this application, click here.